The main benefits of a Fleet Contract include:

  • Expert consultation/advice from the outset
  • Outsourcing of maintenance and all tyre headaches to Midland with its quality service record
  • Full breakdown coverage with all drivers supplied with a Midland app.   
  • The customer benefits from our buying power – ie preferential or often exclusive supply arrangements with manufacturers based on our volumes.
  • Alignment of cashflow payments to better match useful life of tyres.
  • Single monthly invoice – easy to manage the paperwork.
  • Fleet checks focusing on mileage, tread depth, wear, alignment and balancing. 
  • Midland is a well-established partner and can be relied on to perform under the contract over the long term
  • Excellent customer loyalty and satisfaction record – testimonials


So how does it work?

We start by inspecting your fleet and consult on the best way forward in terms of tyre choice and maintenance policy. The contract is simple yet customised to each fleet’s requirements. All drivers receive our Breakdown App on to their smart phone. Regular maintenance inspections are carried out, with fleet checks and reporting. We will ensure periodic review meetings to monitor progress, savings, efficiencies and discuss further improvements.


Paperwork is easy to manage with just one monthly invoice spreading the cost of tyres over their useful life, which is maximised through quality maintenance.

Core Competencies

Visit one of our 4 locations, download our app or contact us to talk about how Midland Tyre Services can help you meet your fleet management goals, become more economical and provide you with a loyal, committed and highly professional partner.
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