Glanbia Midlands Tyres
We receive monthly reports from Midland tyres in relation to the state of repair of our fleet’s tyres and any adhoc damage. This allows us full visibility of the fleet performance and also allows us access the performance of our drivers, and can act as an indication of mechanical issues. A significant aspect of the service in relation to quality is the relationship that the Midlands staff form with our drivers, there is a common respect for opinion and importance which leads to an efficient and effective relationship for both parties.

24hr Breakdown Service
We have found Midlands tyres second to none in relation to reactionary time. When offering a service to an industry with criticality around collection times, the support structure to minimise and mitigate delays is paramount. With 43 hauliers dependent upon a quick response and immediate availability of the right tyre and size, Midland tyres and their team have not been found wanting.

Fleet Customer
Midlands Tyres offer detailed performance, cost and state of repair reports monthly to our contracted fleet with them. The level of detail, accuracy and transparency is such that it acts as our insurance of legal and internal compliance in relation to depth, repair and brand. What this also drives is their ability to offer different brands and styles of tyre to best suit the application. This had led to cost and time savings. Midland tyres have on occasion implemented more costly tyres in the best interest of reducing down time and damage which in the long run saved both.

Long-term Partnership
We look at Midland Tyres as an extension of our service and in a lot of areas share or vision, values and goals for the future. Their innovation, attention to detail, hands on approach and transparency is a clear indication of this. They continue to enhance their network and have a responsible approach to their growth trajectory with an appreciation for the wider industry.