Tyres are the single biggest cause of breakdown, downtime expense and failure of RSA roadside spot checks. The cost of tyres is approximately 1/13th that of a truck’s fuel bill. This means intelligent approach to tyre management is well worth it with payback on smart investment into this area is rapid, material and measurable. Whilst we deal with all major manufacturers, Midland Tyres is staunchly independent to protect the value of our advice and client trust built over decades. We have been in the business for over 30 years and our employees have a wealth of experience in all aspects of tyre maintenance. Our fitters are expertly trained with an average service record at MTS of over 10 years – a mutual loyalty record we are proud of and that benefits our customers. We take inductions and health and safety very seriously and we integrate seamlessly into your operations, including at multiple locations as required by our larger clients.


Whether on a contract or on a supply & fit arrangement, we see ourselves as being in partnership with the customer with shared goals of value generation, cost reduction or avoidance. Our fleet checks not only maintain a compliance record, but inform key fleet management decisions.


We are constantly investing into monitoring and reporting technology to support fleet owners and managers with the best possible advice/performance data in real time or as close as possible to it.


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