Midland Tyre Services key values fall under 4 pillars: Independence, Intelligence, Partnership, Reliability.

Independence – Our flag is not tied to any mast! We work with everyone, ensuring we can advise, help and be on hand to all. There’s no agenda, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We work with you and for you.

Reliability – It goes without saying that Midland Tyres is an experienced and reliable firm with a track record in taking on tyre duties (including the headaches that come with them!) Our stock levels are deep and broad ensuring your requirements can be met immediately, whether that’s new tyres or breakdown service.


Partnership – We truly share our customers’ long term goals and are motivated by being the preferred long term service provider. We’re with you all the way, on hand whenever you need us. Midland Tyres provides great choice in tyre manufacturers enabling our customers to be flexible in their tyre choices, as well as having the knowledge and expertise that comes with our 30 years in business.

Intelligence – Cheapest tyres are not ultimately cheap and the most pricey are not ultimately the most expensive – it all depends. Our tech and training investment is aimed at injecting maximum intel on what is optimal for a specific fleet and how to drive savings. With R&D, this area is constantly evolving and we are committed to being on top of it so as to help our customers navigate among the numerous gadgets out there and make smart investments.

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