OUR Core Competencies

Midland Tyre Services has over 30 years experience in truck & agri tyre supply, maintenance and management. We pride ourselves on being Ireland's Number One destination for anyone seeking quality, expertise, unrivalled customer service and innovation.

Our skills and capabilities can be categorised under our 5 Core Competencies;

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What We'Re Good At

Midland Tyres is Ireland's leading supplier of truck, agri and off-the-road (OTR) tyres. We carry a wealth of knowledge and expertise in fleet management and through our maintenance programs as well as the 24-hour Ireland-wide breakdown service, we are committed to keeping your vehicles on the road longer.

We are known for our reliability, independence, innovation and sharing our customers' long-term goals. Our 4 locations ensure we are easily accessed, and we're dedicated to being your partner and ensuring you have the right approach to your tyre and fleet needs.

Everyone's needs are different, and therefore we do not engage in a one size fits all approach, but tailor everything we do to our customers' specific needs. We manage all of your tyre duties, and remove any headaches they may cause. We've been doing this for over 30 years, and with that experience comes the knowledge that this area is constantly evolving. We are committed to being on top of it so as to help customers navigate the numerous tyre technology innovations and make smart investments.


Maximizing Vehicle Uptime

Stay moving longer. With Midland Tyres, your vehicles stay motoring, moving & economical.

Reducing Operating Costs

Get more miles per euro! With Midland Tyres, less is more. Less costs, more efficiency.

Informative Fleet Management

Our 30 year track record speaks for itself. With Midland Tyres, you don't just get a dedicated team, but expertise, innovation & extensive knowledge.

Lowering Environmental Impacts

Midland Tyres is committed to lowering the environmental impact of tyre waste and emissions - see how.

Who We Are




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